Friday, April 25, 2008

Big baby

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and she let me know that the ultrasound that I received on March 19th revealed that Camille is doing great, developing wonderfully and is in the 88th percentile for size. Let me repeat, the 88th percentile for size!!! That thought makes me tremble alittle. The doctor said if everything is looking good, and she is still HUGE, then we might induce at 39 weeks. I know it is way early to be thinking about inducing, but I live in fear of a ten pound baby.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home stretch

I officially started my third trimester yesterday!! I have already been feeling more tired than before as well as being every increasingly uncomfortable. It is hard to eat, sleep, breath, move, etc, with this huge belly. All in all, though, I feel pretty good. Camille is moving a lot, enough that Matt has been able to feel her a couple of times, and I have SEEN my belly move like a wave. She sometimes stops moving when I touch her, and sometimes she gives tremendous kicks, like she is telling me to stop touching her. We are now searching for a middle name to go with
Camille ____ Erdman. I am open to serious suggestions, seeing as how I already have a host of random foreign soccer player/weightlifter suggestions from my husband, mother and brother!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

40 years...

For the past year and a half Matt and I have been in a period of waiting and working and praying for God to do a very specific something, and so far nothing has changed. This last couple of weeks I have felt like I was at the very end of my rope as far as waiting was concerned. I was angry at God, not just alittle angry, I was ANGRY at God. I was sick of feeling like we were sincerely seeking His plan, trying everything we could, and He was holding out on us. I was at a very low place...
In a totally unrelated conversation a friend from work shared with me that she had read Duet. 9 and it had been very meaningful to her, so when I came to read my Bible, being angry at God, I could think of nothing else, so I turned to Deuteronomy.
Let me share something that hit home, something that I have known since my days in VBS and never really KNOOOWN...God let the people wonder in the desert for 40 YEARS!!!! God tested the people, and let them get hungry and provided their food, and kept their feet from swelling, and gave them water, and kept their clothes from tearing, and led them around the desert in search of a place that He knew the directions to, for 40 years. I was humbled. I realize that for a while I have been asking God, in my own way, why He has brought me out of Egypt to die in the desert. He wanted to know what was in the peoples heart, and He wanted the people to know what was in His. I am on the verge of rambling, read Duet. 6-9. Why is is that we have to learn the same lessons for centuries?

Friday, April 18, 2008

monthly post

I keep telling myself that I am going to get better at this. How hard could it be to post once per week??? After the March scare with the baby and moving, everything has finally settled down into a normal routine. I am LOVING my four minute commute, but I do miss the mountains and seeing Kass and Rachel on a more frequent basis. The baby has been moving like crazy, which is great. I know you are supposed to start counting movements at some point, which just seems like another way to make pregnant women neurotic, so I think I am going to avoid that little endeavour. I have not been back to my doctor since the whole episode with the last ultrasound because I have completely lost trust in the whole system. However I did break down and make an appointment for April 24th, all the time dreading the next test that they try to force on me. I just cannot understand why the whole point of the doctors appointments are just to try and find something wrong. I feel alittle bitter towards the system...

Matt and I are working on planting our first garden. Right now we have some lettuce growing, and some strawberries and rhubarb fighting for their lives. I found out that we, in our excitement, planted things about a month early for this climate. I am going to plant tomatoes, squash, asparagus, and an assortment of herbs sometime next month.

I am headed off to make spaghetti, the pictures above are the Yoda modeling a "Future weightlifter" bib, the most recent belly pick and the super sweet stuff I got off craigslist (thanks mom and dad).