Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Honestly I have just been too overwhelmed by life to be able to blog. Things are good, do not get me wrong, but good in a huge, blow your mind kind of way. We have decided to move to Texas, a decision which most days I am excited about. I will be sad to leave parts of my life here, but know that this is absolutely the best decision for my family. The thought of having a baby and moving across the country in the same month is a large part of what has been so overwhelming. I just cannot figure out how it is all going to work...It is another wait-and-see part of my life.

Rachel had her baby yesterday. Such a huge event, I was profoundly affected. To watch her transform into a mother (G0d bless those hormones) and Kass a father was nothing short of surreal. I felt blessed to be in the same room with them. I also got a glimpse of how Matt is going to be with Camille, by watching him hold Noah. The whole experience made me really ready for July 15th, or whenever.

So there, I posted, and there is a general idea of what is happening here. I also have some lovely pictures which have a story all their own, but will have to wait until later.


Williams Family said...

I am so glad to see that you finally updated us. I have signed in and checked your blog everyday sometimes more than once just to see if you posted anything. We are all so excited that you are coming home! I cannot wait to start an adult relationship with you. We have not been able to be close since we were kids. That I am excited for.

shawkins said...

Look at you!!! I am so glad to see another picture. I have to second Jennifer's being glad you are coming home. I can't wait for Camille to arrive and to get to meet her. It is pretty amazing how quickly your life changes once the baby comes....all good but it does bring some challenges like dealing with being woken up every few hours to nurse. That takes some getting used to. I look so forward to seeing you are a Mother and to having that to share with you.

Kim said...

Thanks for the post and pictures. I love the bump! Today is my first day alone with both far so good (Grace has slept through most of it, which helps). I think I might be very tired in the weeks to come.

erica knight said...

kelly you look so cute pregnant (is that a permanant state:) ) but i think camille erica erdman sounds awesome! good luck with the move and la bebe.