Sunday, July 6, 2008

True confessions

I thought I would be really good at doing a blog, I love to write and feel that thoughts are best established/analyzed/understood through writing, however I guess blogging takes a bit more than an affinity for expressing ones self. All that to say, wow, I really suck at this! I have had lots of things to write about, like an upcoming move, or labor, or my current particular disgust with the medical system, but everything has just come out as one big whine. So, consider yourself spared and pity my husband.

Today I am doing yet another load of baby laundry from a lovely shower given at my work. She is going to be one well dressed kid (at least for 0-3 months) if she EVER gets her. Just one whine: I HATE THE THIRD TRIMESTER, WAITING IS HORRID, KID-GIVE ME MY BODY BACK! Okay, all done.

On a non-kid related note, we celebrated a most wonderful 4th of July at Lake Tahoe, along with about half of California. It is most interesting to celebrate the 4th surrounded by a bunch of incredibly high pseudo-hippies singing God Bless America. The experience drips with irony, I love it! Kass took some gorgeous pictures which can be seen here:


Kim said...

I feel now is the time to remind you of a comment you made about 2 years ago when I was praying Josiah would come early...something about 'what is a few more days when he's been in there almost 9 months now?' I'm assuming you know what a few more days is at this point! Here's to hoping Camille and I can share a birthday. Love you!

Williams Family said...

Don't worry your baby has plenty of clothes waiting here for her in Texas. I think that your mom already took them all over to your soon to be house! I have so many clothes and our babies are at the sam season. What kind of camera does your friend have? Nice pictures!