Monday, February 11, 2008

Dr. Appointments, weight gain, and belly pics

Today was my monthly check up to make sure the kid was still there and to charge me a $45 copay. The kid is indeed still there, I could have told them that because I feel it move everyday. It loves to wiggle at lunch time and in the late afternoon. They all seemed surprised that I was feeling it move already, and have been for the last couple of weeks. This time they easily found the heart beat with the monitor, which was nice, because four weeks ago it was hiding and they had to do an 'informal ultrasound' to make sure everything was alright. Speaking of ultrasounds, I thought that today was when I got to have my BIG ONE to find out what it is, but as it turns out I have to wait two more weeks. I am a little bummed, but waiting the extra time will increase the accuracy of the procedure, which is a good thing. So Feb. 25th at 5pm is the big day when HOPEFULLY the kid will show us the goods and we can stop calling it it and start calling it him or her.

I am posting two pictures, the one in the blue shirts was taken 1/11/08, and the one in black shirt was taken 2/11/08. I feel huge, and everyone says that I look big for 18 weeks, but the doctor said my size is good, and I will take that word for gospel. At this point I have gained 10 pounds, which seems like a ton, but I am not going to stress over that issue. I keep telling myself that I am eating well and exercising (more now that I am not completely exhausted) and so what if I end up with a TEN POUND BABY (fear, great fear!!).

That is pretty much all of the new pregnancy information. Things are going great, I feel really good, I love feeling it move and cannot wait for Matt to be able to feel it too.

Ooh, one last good thing: I was nervous about two things regarding our move to Carson City. The first was having to change doctors at five months into my pregnancy, and the second was having to deliver at the hospital in Carson City. Through my job I just know waaaaay too much about how poorly the Carson hospital is run. God's blessing: At my appointment today I found out that my doctor works part time in Carson City and part time in Tahoe, so I do not have to change doctors, AND they just built a brand new clinic in Carson where I can go for all of my appointments. All the doctors from this practice deliver at Barton, which is in Tahoe, so I am going to have the baby there, which relieves a lot of my stress! It has been a good day!

Praise and Prayer: This week we found out that Matt's brother and his wife are expecting their first child in October, which is great! However, she is going to be spending the next FIVE months in Spain for school. I cannot imagine being away from my husband and in foreign country during the first five months of pregnancy!


Sherry said...

You look beautiful!! I am so disappointed about not knowing if It is a she or a he. Two weeks is not that long. Great news about the doc and the hospital. WOW! that is one expensive copay. Love you

Kim said...

Bummer, I was hoping to hear too. Ten pounds at this point is not bad at all. I just looked back at my chart from Josiah's pregnancy and that's where I was at that point and still came in at the low end of what I was supposed to weigh by the time he came. I wish I could say I was on that track this time! You're doing fine and will not have a 10 pound baby!