Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scary things and fun things...

Here is an idea of what Matt is looking forward to with our firstborn!

Things I have been scared of while being pregnant:
Tubal pregnancy
Cramps (Turns out their normal)
Lunch meat
Developmental disorders ( I know too much)
Coffee (2 8oz cups is fine)
Red wine
Seat belts
Random diseases from work (Health care is scary)
Gaining too much weight
Not being attractive to my husband
Being a mother
Gorgonzola (my favorite)
Joint separation
Back pain (ouch!)
Lifting people at work
Birth (!!!!!)

Things I have enjoyed while being pregnant:
Feeling it move
Telling people and watching/listening to their reaction
Picking out names (Girls names are tough!)
Thinking about what it may look like
Feeling it move
Planning colors for a nursery (see link below)
Hearing the heartbeat
Watching my husbands reaction to random pregnancy issues
Talking about being pregnant with other expectant mothers
Feeling it move


Stacey said...

That is so funny...I think that every expectant mother worries about those same things.

I always thought boy name were much harder than girl names. I could name about 50 girl names I love. John is impossible with boy names because he has to do the rhyme thing to see what bad things he might be called which really rules out a lot of names.

I have to say that one of my most favorite things about being pregnant was feeling Maddie move. It was so special and with me being a natural worrier it always made me feel better to feel her least I knew she was still there.


Tom said...

Hey, congratulations on your expected little one, new home, and new job for Matt. I just stumbled across your blog, but it's really great to catch up with what your family is up to.

Tom Elliott

Carmen said...

I found this really funny website to help with the girl name!

I did it three times and got Alia Kylie, Angel Alexandra, and Juliana Galilea!

Carmen said...

oooh, what about Maya?

(can you tell I'm avoiding the mounds of papers to grade! :)