Sunday, February 3, 2008

The first trimester in a nutshell

Since this blog is going to be largely centered around the pregnancy, I figured I would summarize my first trimester to bring the blog up to the present.

Getting pregnant was surprisingly easy, my boss has been trying for about two and a half years and it was hard for me to tell her that it took all of about 15 minutes off the pill for this fertile Myrtle to conceive. I was blessed with a surprisingly easy first trimester, and anything that sounds like me complaining is just my vague attempt to empathize with those pregnant women who spend most of their time hugging the toilet. I was only sick for one week, and it was a bad week, but after that I did pretty good. The sight, sound, smell, mention of chicken made me want to hurl, but as long as I stayed away from any food that once flew I was fine. I did get some doozy headaches, and I was BONE NUMBINGLY tired. As far as physical symptoms were concerned that was about it, like I said, I was blessed.

Psychologically, being pregnant was a little tricky. You spend your whole teenage/adult life striving to be thin and strong and fit, and then you pee on a stick and everyone thinks it is okay to throw all of those deeply rooted thoughts out the window and buy incredible comfortable fat clothes. Now, I am all about comfy clothes, but getting used to being bigger than I have ever been in my life has taken a bit of work. My husband has been incredible supportive, even going with me to Taco Bell, which has been my only craving, and telling me that I am supposed to get big. I think it has been particularly trying since I work in a nursing home and every old lady wants to touch my stomach and tell me how big I am getting. Talk about loss of personal space!!!

Today I am about to start my 17th week, which is two weeks into my second trimester, but there will be plenty of time to write on that later. On a side note, Matt begins his second week as personal trainer at world gym, and he has had a few good contacts with potential clients, so please pray that this week he will be able to lock them into contracts and beginning the actual training.


Sherry said...

I love reading this blog. Even if I know the details, the reading it is good. Keep it up. I am impressed with the first two days. I do want to see snow pictures. love mom

Jonathan Erdman said...

Wow, Kelly. It sounds like you were made to have babies!!!

Good to hear about Matt. Keep me up to date on how things go.

15 minutes to get, I won't take that any farther.....

Kellsotr said...

OOOh Jon, I left that so wide open for you, shame on me! I told you this blog thing would take practice.

Kim said...

Wow, this is going to be fun if you keep leaving posts like that! Too easy!